Intake Team


LifeBack’s Intake Team manages all necessary details of the new Patient intake process:

  • The Intake Team works directly with the Billing Department to verify benefits and support Patients in understanding their coverage.
  • Screening all potential new Patient’s for clinical appropriateness to LifeBack’s outpatient level of care.
  • Offer recommendations and referrals when an alternative type of service, or a higher level of care is indicated.
  • Support Patients in understanding and completing of all necessary paperwork.

LifeBack’s Intake Team consists of an Intake Department Supervisor and 3 Intake Specialists.  Each member of the Intake Team has clinical experience and expertise that create a diverse and dynamic team.

The Intake Team's Philosophy

The philosophy of LifeBack’s Intake Team is to be courteous, compassionate, and caring at all times. Our goal is to provide the best care possible by responding to all inquiries in a timely manner and remembering that we are an important part of each Patient’s journey.   

The Intake Team can be reached at 609-482-3701 –  prompt #2