Meet the Team

Providing Only the Best Care to Our Patients

We understand that seeking help can be intimidating. From start to finish, each member of the LifeBack team will treat you with the utmost respect and dignity.

The LifeBack Clinical Team was built with a specific focus. We have deliberately recruited our clinicians and provide them with the ongoing training and development necessary to make excellent patient care the expectation.

“Our clinicians can best be described as committed, passionate, lighthearted, and creative”. – LifeBack Leadership

“The LifeBack team is one of the best, our clinicians truly care about making a difference, we are a team, we help each other, we are a family”. – LifeBack Employee

“Our clinicians understand the importance of using humor in therapy. Our patients quickly learn that therapy is not all doom and gloom, therapy can be fun!” – LifeBack Leadership