Family Therapy

A Safe Space For
Togetherness & Resolution

struggling with conflict, stress, or unhealthy interactions?

At LifeBack, we recognize the significance of a healthy family system. Our goal is to help you recognize
and address maladaptive patterns of communication and behavior to improve family dynamics.

Every family will face challenges at times. However, there is a distinct difference between typical/healthy family conflict
and family dysfunction or unhealthy relationship roles or patterns. Unhealthy family roles solidify over time and can be
difficult to resolve. Your therapist can help you decide if family therapy is the right choice for your family.


  • Hero: A high achiever type who carries the pride of the family and overcompensates to avoid looking or feeling inadequate.
  • Rescuer: Focuses on taking care of others by solving the problems of the family. Is uncomfortable focusing on their own needs.
  • Scapegoat/Black sheep: Appears to need the most help or appear the most unwell. Often blamed for family dysfunction or perceived to be the cause.
  • Lost child: The lost child is a rule follower, usually passive and hidden in family trauma. Prefers to stay hidden for a sense of safety and is fearful of making decisions.
  • Clown: Uses humor to avoid or hide family conflict, behaves as if everything is okay and hides their true feelings.
  • Truthteller: Reflects the family system as it is, without inhibition. Other family members are offended or avoid the truthteller because of the power they hold.


  • Improvement in family communication and connection
  • Easier expression of needs
  • Resolution of anger and resentment
  • Less conflict within the family unit
  • Reduction of general stress
  • Increase in happiness, peace, love, and joy


Your individual therapist will help you decided if family therapy is the right choice for you. You will be matched with a family therapist that is the best match for your families’ specific needs.

Learning skills for healthier, more effective communicating is the key and we can help! It is time to let go of resentments, conflict, and unhealthy family dynamics. Less conflict within the family unit leads to less stress, more joy, and a greater sense of love and connection.

LifeBack also offers family support for those whose loved ones are struggling with mental health or substance issues. For more information on how to get involved with this group, please contact us at 609-482-3701.