Substance Use Recovery

Taking The First Step On The Right Path

Are you or someone you know struggling with substance use?

Our team of certified Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors and prescribers
are here to help support you in taking your first steps on the road to recovery.

Treatment Philosophy

Utilizing an integrative approach, our team builds on and emphasizes your individual strengths to help promote recovery. Our team draws on components from various modalities including Strengths-based interventions, Motivational Interviewing, and SMART Recovery.

In addition to individual therapy, LifeBack offers psychiatric services and group therapies to create a holistic recovery plan maximizing support option.

Our psychiatric services include Medication-Assisted Treatment interventions (MAT) in treating and aiding in the recovery process. Visit our Psychiatric Treatment page for more information.


Substance use issues are often described as a “family disease”. The impact often goes beyond the individual and has a splintering impact on the family unit.

LifeBack offers weekly group therapy for family members of those struggling with substance use. Together, families gain a sense of validation and understanding. LifeBack’s clinical team is always ready to offer resources to the individual and their support system.


– Comprehensive Assessment –
– Individual & Group Therapy –
– Family Therapy –
– Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) –
– On-site Laboratory & Drug Screening –