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  • Evaluation
  • Outpatient Therapy
  • IOP
  • At Risk Adolescent Program 1-4 hours/week
  • Group Therapy
  • On-site Drug Screening
  • Stress Management
  • Recurring Relapse Treatment
  • Suboxone / Buprenorphine Treatment for Opiod Addiction & Vivitrol Treatment Services (Alcohol Opiates)
  • Co-Occurring Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Family Support Services
  • Family Psycho-educational Services
  • Codependency Treatment
  • Psychotropic Medications
  • Eating Disorders
  • Sexual Addiction

Lifeback utilizes the “disease model” of identifying and treating addictions. While we strongly support the “12-step abstinence model”, we at Lifeback recognize that this approach, is not for everyone. So we offer our recovery clients multiple substance abuse / addiction recovery models. These can include: harm reduction, smart recovery, holistic, psychodynamic, 12-step, motivational, systems, and reality therapy addictions treatment approaches.

Our team of state licensed and certified, highly experienced substance-abuse treatment professionals will provide our clients with a thorough substance abuse / addictions psychosocial assessment. After a “level of care” determination has been made, the client will be admitted into one of Lifeback’s award winning substance recovery tracks or if appropriate referral to a higher level of care.

Lifeback also offers comprehensive Suboxone / Buprenorphine & Vivitrol Opioid Addiction Treatment Services. These services include: psychiatric assessment, prescription, and routine medical follow up by a New Jersey licensed Psychiatrist. Lifeback supports the use of these opioid addiction aides, as short-term interventions, designed to assist the “recovering person” to break the compulsive-use cycle; but in no way are meant to replace the creation and maintenance of a “solid personal ongoing recovery / sobriety program and lifestyle.”

Lifeback Substance Abuse Treatment:

Phase I – The Stabilization Phase – Getting Started

During this phase of treatment clients will receive:

  • A comprehensive psychosocial and substance abuse assessment, and if warranted a thorough psychiatric assessment.
  • After completing the assessment, the Lifeback clinician and client will jointly create an individualized treatment plan, which could include any of the following:
    • The client will begin to receive his/her substance abuse treatment at Lifeback. Their treatment could range from 1 hour to 8.5 hours per week; and could include weekly:
      • Individual counseling / therapy
      • Family therapy (if necessary with clients agreement)
      • Up to 4.5 hours weekly of substance-abuse recovery groups
      • Weekly random urine drug screens
      • Psychiatric follow-up (if necessary)

** At the very minimum, all Stabilization Phase clients will meet weekly with their individual therapist/counselor, and attend 1 group/week.

Phase II – Foundations Plus – Continuing Recovery and Relapse Prevention – “Walking the Walk”

This phase of recovery, is for people with at least 6 months sobriety, and will assist the Lifeback client to incorporate ongoing recovery principles, ideas and behaviors into their day-to-day lives. Treatment during this phase will include:

  • Routine 1:1 / individual therapy/counseling
  • A weekly Recovery & Relapse Prevention group (1.5 hours)
  • Weekly random urine drug screens
  • Monthly psychiatric follow-up (if necessary)

Track III of An Early Contemplation Phase of Lifeback’s substance abuse treatment is for individuals or families who are just beginning to identify substance abuse as a problem. Via one-to-one counseling the individual &/or family will come to understand the extent of their substance abuse issues, and what can be done for it.

Lifeback, also offers special tracks and treatment coordination for people who have “chronically relapsed”, have a “co-occurring disorder” (i.e. mental health and substance abuse), or are codependents.

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